2017/06/19 “Iyo Studies” class held.

“Iyo Studies” class held.

○date: Monday, June 19th, 2017, 6th & 7th Period

○place: Ehime University Senior High School

○participants: The whole of 10th grade

○lecturer: Mr. Haruki TANGE, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law and Letters, Ehime University


Students listened to a lecture from Associate Prof. Tange on the subject “Think about human rights and public welfare of your community, Matsuyama City”. Then students teamed up into several groups to discuss “the image of homeless people” and “the reason why people become homeless”. Students watched university students’ activities for the homeless in Matsuyama on a TV program and gave their impressions of the program in a group setting. Students thought about how we can end homelessness with support from various aspects including politics and welfare. The lecture offered a good opportunity for students to clarify their own ideas and thoughts about what they can do for creating local communities without homelessness.


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