2017/06/21 “Cross-Cultural Understanding” class held.

“Cross-Cultural Understanding” class held.

○date: Wednesday, June 21st, 2017, 7th Period

○place: Ehime University Senior High School

○participants: The whole 11th grade

Ten American students who were visiting our school from John F. Kennedy High School (JFK), Sacrament City, the United States for three days made a presentation in Japanese. JFK students made a great presentation with good humor in fluent Japanese. Students of both schools had a really good time together, though it was only a short time of period. JFK students made a presentation based on themes such as a difference between JFK and Ehime University Senior High School (“cleaning time in Japanese schools”), pleasant memories with host families (“nice homemade dish”), students and animals (it was fan to meet sheep!) and Japanese words they have just picked up in Matsuyama (“Daijobudesuka?-Are you okay”). JFK students spoke in words of their own confidently. We all were very impressed with their good presentations and attitudes. We would like to follow the example of their presentation when we make a presentation in English in the future.

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