2017/06/23 “Global Studies” class held.

“Global Studies” class held.

○date: Friday, June 23rd, 2017, 6th & 7th Period

○place: Ehime University Senior High School

○participants: The whole of 11th grade

○lecturer: Mr. Shinya MURATA, Sr. Assistant Professor, Office for Educational Planning and Research, Ehime University


Students received a lecture on the subject of “What a presentation is”. Mr. Murata kindly showed students how to make a presentation from the basics including characters and fonts. Students gave a self-introduction in pairs and shot videos each other. They reflected back on the accomplishments of the lecture by watching the videos. Students obtained a better understanding of effective presentation methods and techniques. They are going to apply what they have learned from the lecture to preparing a presentation for foreign university students in an upcoming class.


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