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Project Outline

(1) Purpose

Our school strives to cultivate a type of gglobal human resourcesh that is capable of grasping both regional and world challenges within a global, integrated perspective, and continues to challenge themselves with social issues without the fear of failure. This type of human resources must combine logical reasoning and communication skills with the ability to pursue challenges. Therefore, in cooperation with a promoter of globalization, Ehime University, as well as regional companies that are expanding abroad, we aim at the development and implementation of a new educational program.

We wish to equip our students with the following abilities:

  • The ability to find and confront problems
  • The ability to understand a diversity of values and engage in a dialogue
  • The ability to think logically and make judgments
  • The ability to appropriately apply knowledge and skills

(2) Goal

Our goal is not only to research and develop an educational program focused on task-oriented research that contributes to the fostering of gglobal human resources,h but also to train the following types of students:

  • Students that have an interest in social issues, and challenge themselves with problems they pose of their own accord
  • Students that actively interact with overseas high schools and colleges
  • Students that participate in volunteer activities and international symposiums on their own initiative
  • Students that have acquired logical and critical thinking skills through group discussion and task inquiry
  • Students that can use ICT to gather, analyze, judge, and apply information necessary to problem resolution

(3) Outline of R&D

We will cultivate human resources with a gglocalh mind, who will continue to challenge themselves with global social problems through an investigation of local issues without fearing failure. With the task-oriented research undergone in the third year as the core of the present project, we will collaborate with both Ehime University, a promoter of internationalization, and regional companies expanding globally in the development and implementation of an educational program. Furthermore, by widely publicizing this initiative, our school will play a role as a base for producing human resources that will contribute to regional development from a global perspective.

(1) Collaboration with local stakeholders

› Farm work experience
› Ehime Global Network
› Ehime University support cooperation companies
› Shiki Memorial Museum

(2) Collaboration with overseas partner schools

Romania, the United States, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, Mozambique, Indonesia

(3) Connection with Ehime University

› Promotion of the Pioneer Advanced Program (P-AP)
› Increased sophistication of task-oriented research through rubric evaluation
› Participation in Ehime Universityfs SUIJI program
› Participation in study-abroad internships

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