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Project Contents

(1) Content, Implementation Method, and Verification Evaluation of R&D Not Including Task-oriented Research

New Courses Aimed at Cultivating gGlobal Human Resourcesh

First Year: gIyo Studiesh (2 units), gLocal Industryh (3 units)
Second Year: gGlobal Studiesh (2 units), gCross-cultural Understandingh (1 unit)
Third Year: gLiberal Artsh (2 units)

In addition to opening these courses, we will strive to enhance the programfs overseas training and international exchange. In each of the above subjects we will actively incorporate active learning (which utilizes ICT) and PBL, thus encouraging the students to learn on their own initiative.
A comprehensive evaluation by the high school faculty will be implemented by incorporating the mutual evaluation of students as well as the evaluation of university teachers and the parents themselves. Quantitative evaluation such as English proficiency tests, Japanese proficiency tests, and tests of presentation skills etc. will also be referred to.

(2) Required Curriculum Outside of the Implementation of Task-related Research (Special Cases)

First Year: gHumans and Industrial Societyh gLocal Industryh

The school designated subject gGlobal Educationh (newly established)
First Year: gFoundation in Industrial Scienceh gIyo Studiesh
Second Year: gCareer Planningh gEnvironmental Educationh gGlobal Studiesh gCross-cultural Understandingh newly established
Third Year: gFree Subjecth gLiberal Artsh

(3) Environmental Improvement and Content and Implementation Methods of Extracurricular Initiatives Related to Global Leadership Development

With the help of the Institute for International Relations (IIR), Ehime University, we will establish a new gInternational Exchange Roomh that provides a connection to the world at any time. In addition, our school is actively engaging in SUIJI (a six-university collaborative service learning program that is expanding in the agricultural, mountain, and fishing villages of Japan and Indonesia) and is deepening understanding about the international servant leader. By bringing in a part-time international exchange advisor, we arrange an environment in which international exchange can occur smoothly.

Our school, in order to fulfill the mission of a school affiliated with a national university, is constantly conducting educational research activities, such as organizing an educational research structure with a research division (headed by a senior teacher) at its core, raising awareness about our school among other prefectural high schools via the Board of Education, and holding regular seminars with the cooperation of Ehime University.

During the seven years since the schoolfs founding, we have conducted task-oriented research through tertiary level collaboration, and are continuously striving for improvement through analysis and evaluation of both our studentsf independent learning and their choices regarding the future. Due to these accomplishments, we have been gaining the attention and interest of junior high schools and high schools in the prefecture.

The tertiary level joint project with Ehime University, with our school as a model, has been selected as 2014fs University Education Reformation Acceleration Program.

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